Monday, August 4, 2008

August 4, 2008 Our 7th year Anniversary

A dozen long stemmed red roses were just delivered, so it must be our anniversary. They're beautiful and smell great. Mike and I used to like giving one another massages but ran out of oil a couple of years ago, so I bought him some....maybe we'll remember how to use it!

Our day started off good, took Em to work, then Dan and I went grocery shopping, came home and unpacked, then went with Jessie to Margo's house to get our hair cut. Dan hung out with Amanda during our appointments. Next we went down to the outlet mall to look around and possibly find something new to wear out to dinner tonight, with no luck. We returned home at 1:30, ate lunch then put Dan down for a half hour rest. Within 10 minutes he was fast asleep. I spoke to admissions at 4C's who said they would be enrolling me in their health science program and I should be getting something in the mail soon about orientation. Very exciting. Dan woke up to the ice cream man's bell...his favorite way to wake up I think. Jessie, John, Mike and I are going to Wimpy's tonight for dinner.
We always have a good meal there...I'm looking forward to it!

Dinner was amazing. We started with a bowl full of Portuguese mussels, which meant they were cooked with chourico. I avoided the meat, but enjoyed the mussels, and Jess and John ordered scallops wrapped in bacon. I ordered Sesame seared yellow fin tuna cooked medium rare, with peanut sauce served with ginger and wasabi, a mixed vegetable medley and beets. It was excellent. Mike had tournedos of beef, he said were terrific as well. Jess and John enjoyed Strawberry shortcake for dessert. Our reservations were at 8pm and we were promptly seated, we didn't leave until well after 10pm, it was a long slow meal, but worth every bite. We arrived home to find both Dan and Em still awake. Mike and I laid on the bed and quickly fell asleep. Dan woke us shortly after yelling from upstairs that he was ready for another movie...I don't think so kid! Come down and get PJ's on and into bed you go! Tucked him in, said good night to Em, who was watching who knows what on TV, and both went to bed and fell immediately to sleep.

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