Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August 5, 2008 Gould Family Dinner

Pretty quiet day today. Took Em to work this morning, came home because we were expecting Em's third grade teacher over to visit us today at the pond with her 3 little girls. Karen is 4.5, Katrina is 3, and Eve is 15 months. We don't get together very often but always have a great time when we do. We all played at the pond for a while, then made our way up to the playground before lunch. The girls were having peanut butter and jelly, so Dan decided he'd have that too. I can't remember the last time he ate that. Peer pressure is sometimes a great thing at this age, not so much at 15!
Nettie and Gram came down so we're doing a seafood fest on the hill tonight. Two nights of great food. Gotta love it!

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