Thursday, August 28, 2008

August 28. 2008 Dentists, Dino Days, and my necklace charm

Abigail's first swim in the pond>

Off to work again in a few minutes but thought I'd do a quick update.
Wednesday Em, Dan and I left here at 7:30am for dentist appts. in Middletown. The trip was uneventful and we made it with just minutes to spare. Everybody's teeth look great, Dan had his first set of X-rays taken and did great. Em has one cavity but nothing serious. They were actually surprised at how clean they were considering it's the first time they've had a good cleaning since before her braces went on. We visited with Mom and Mo for a little while then headed home, Em drove and we made it back right around noon. Dan and I took a nice long nap then I went to work. I'm starting to get very frustrated working with a woman who speaks so little english. We had many disagreements due to lack of communication.

Thursday morning we awoke to find Nettie sitting on the deck. We invited her in, made her a cup of coffee and set about getting ready for the day. Em had to be to work for 8am again, and Dan had Dino days at Green Briar again. I ran my route from the visitors center to the boardwalk then back around the loop(about 4 miles)Picked Dan up from his class and came home for lunch and a rest.

I include this story because I have a little time and I've been asked about it alot recently. When we lived in Saudi back almost 30 years ago, I was given a charm for a necklace. It was a solid heart surrounded but a gold circle. Mom told me that the heart was me, and the cirlce represented her and Dad. I was young and somehow I lost the charm. Fast forward to February 2006. My Grandmother had just passed away, the funeral was over and we were back at her house. Since I'm the only real knitter in the family, I was asked if I'd like her knitting stuff to which I quickly agreed. Later that night going through her knitting bag, in the small pocket tucked deep inside I felt something round. I reached in and found the charm. I know I lost mine in Saudi. This one must have been sent to my Grandmother but I never knew about it. What a strange coincidence that "my charm" landed in her only possession that would be all mine. It's a great story, and I love to tell it.

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