Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 26, 2008 8 weeks!

Marley nursing her pups 4.5 weeks

quick update since Dan is up at Tiger's house and I have a little quite time to myself. I'm hoping to finish the book I've been reading before work tonight. I'm working M-F this week 5-12am, a long week to be sure, but the last before school starts and some things change. 1st I've asked for Wednesdays off because of class, 2nd because as of labor day we start closing at 10pm, and 3rd, I've asked to be scheduled no more then 3 days per week. So this is the last week of a really nice pay check. Em's hours got cut as well and she's happily working T, Th, and Friday this week. She and I have some math studying to do, and now we'll have the time to do it!

Monday we spent the morning in Hyannis doing some shopping. Em and Dan have both taken a liking to purler bead crafts, it's probably the first time I've seen Dan sit down and really focus on something for any length of time. So we went to AC Moore, then to Old Navy where I bought a hopeful bathing suit for next year for $4.99. It's a medium which is why I say hopeful. Then we went to the mall. The kids had McD's then we went to KB toys while Em purused Urban Behavior. Lastly I ran into Trader Joes for a few things before heading home.

Danny climbing a little Pine tree on the beach

Tuesday I awoke at 7am and realized Em had to be to work for 8am this morning and I needed to get moving. Today is 8 weeks ago today that I quit drinking, and eating anything other then fruits, vegetables and seafood. I feel great and am guessing I've lost about 25 lbs. We took Em to work, then I dropped Dan off at Dino days at Green Briar. I decided that I'd run an old route from the visitors center parking lot up to the boardwalk, over to the library then back to the canal. It took just over an hour, but was mostly flat and an easy run. Read my book for a half hour before picking up Dan then going to the grocery store to pick up dinner for the week.

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