Saturday, August 2, 2008

August 1, 2008 Running, Kaaa, and shopping

I had spoken to Suzanne across the street about my route for running, and invited her to join me this morning since Mike was home. We met at 7am, walked up to Cove Rd. Started our run there and did the loop home. Suzanne didn't think she'd be able to run much of it, I was sure she would do all of it and she did. Not only that but she waited for me on several occasions. I'm carrying much more weight then she is. We parted ways once back in the neighborhood, and I went to do an ab workout, take a quick shower and take Em to work. I arrived home in time to go to Critter capers with Mike and Dan. Ms. Mary had Kaaa (the corn snake) and Darter (the albino garter snake) out and I volunteered to return them both to their cages when she was done. I love holding Kaaa, he's about 4 feet long and incredibly strong.

We left there and came home for lunch and a nap for Dan. I cooked for men's night so all Mike would have to do was warm it up when the time came. I made a stuffed pork loin with sausage and apple stuffing, pepperoncini jasmine rice, with parmesan cheese, black olives, and garlic, applesauce, and a cheese and veggie platter.
I then treated myself to a quiet hour on the beach. At 3pm I made my way up to the house, changed and headed out to get Em at work. Em wanted to shop for bathing suits after work, and I told her that was fine, so we went further East from Mahoney's to TJ Maxx, then to Walmart. Emily got a beach cover up, a black plaid with hot pink lined coat, and a pair of manly man waterproof workboots. I bought a new bathing suit, a white tankini size 12, a few sports bras, a new pair of sneakers and garbage bags....the only thing I really needed! We stopped at the new fish market at the Mashpee common rotary and picked up some salmon and mussels. We got home at about 7pm, and men's night was in full swing. I was told the food was good, I enjoyed the salmon and mussels, raw carrots, and some olives and pepperoncinis. Suzanne came over and joined us for a post meal cocktail. I really enjoy having her around. She mentioned running again this morning,and doing it in 45 minutes tomorrow instead of todays 47 minutes. It's nice having another vegetarian around, especially one who'll push me! I hope two days in a row doesn't kill me!

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