Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 3, 2008 Dan can swim !!

I started this morning with another run. 3.5 miles in 50 minutes...I thought more running for more days would make my time faster, seems just the opposite...might need a day or two to let the muscles heal. Came home and did my ab workout, then loaded the truck with 5 weeks worth of trash and recyclables. We think we're beating the system buying 10 dump passes at $5 each over buying a dump sticker for $75 for the year. If we can go 5 weeks between dump runs it'll work! So far so good!
Mike and I dropped Em and Dan off at Percy's to wait in line for a seat for breakfast while Mike and I got rid of trash, and picked up a lawnmower (which Mike had running within 5 minutes of being home) and a bird cage that I think I can convert into a toad terrarium. Love shopping at the dump!

The kids were already seated when we arrived. Dan had Belgium waffles, Em scrambled eggs, a bagel and hash browns, and Mike Eggs Benedict with mushrooms. Percy's has a pretty amazing menu. I had an order of pan fried catfish and a small bowl of fresh fruit. Em asked if we could make a stop at Mashpee Commons for a new book that was just released named Breaking Dawn, and to see if she could find a bathing suit at Suit's you. Dan and Mike went in search of the book, while I helped Em with a bathing suit. She found a suit she liked and we headed home. Dan and I changed into our bathing suits and Em settled in to read.

It was a beautiful hot day and Dan and I went right into the water. Dan started swimming, and I wondered if he could make it to the raft, and asked him if he wanted to try. He swam the entire way, mostly underwater. He jumped off the raft and diving board and swam back to the beach, with minimal help from me. It was a big day for him and we celebrated with a big dipper when the ice cream man came.

The night ended quietly after having dinner with the Leone's. The puppies are a week old tonight and doing very well. We just determined that we have 5 girls and 2 boys. I don't know where we went askew but clearly somewhere. They are very cute and wag their tails now when they're getting ready to nurse.

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