Sunday, August 3, 2008

August 2, 2008 Blueberry Festival Green Briar

So much for 45 minute run, today it was 3.5 miles in 49 minutes. I decided I'd try my new sneakers out but something wasn't right and I had a pull in my back about half way through. I don't know if I was overcompensating for something or if they just need to be broken in more. I think I'll wear them on short trips for a while before wearing them for that length of time any time soon.
I got back from my run, did an ab workout, then took Em to work for 9am. Dan and I went to visit Dad at Green Briar where he and a few other wood turners were doing a demonstration at the Blueberry festival. The guys were in good spirits, and everybody seemed happy to be spending their day there. Next stop for us was home to change into suits and head down to the beach. It's was hot and humid, just the way I like August to be. Dan swam out to the raft with his life jacket on to jump off with the big kids. I enjoyed laying in the sun in my new suit, which got lots of comments. After an hour or so a couple who we rarely see at the beach made their way down with a small boy in tow. They've had fertility problems for years and last I heard were looking to adopt. Turns out the little boy is 5, his name is Justin and he'll be coming to live with them at the end of the month, after 6 months they will adopt him. He was sweet as could be, smart and precocious and fit in with Tiger, Dan and Bradley like he'd always been there. It'll be nice to have another boy in the neighborhood! At 4:15 Dan and I packed up and went to pick up Em at work. Dan fell asleep in the van on the way there, slept through dinner and finally woke at 7:30pm. Time enough to watch some TV and have something to eat before Mom and Dad changed him up and sent him to bed. Sorry kid but we're pooped!

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