Saturday, August 30, 2008

August 30, 2008 Happy 50th Kathy

Started this morning off with feeding puppies at 5:45am since they were whining incessantly. They are due to go home a week from today and I imagine that by the time this week has past we will all be ready to send them off. Work last night was busy but I mistakenly had a black ice coffee instead of the decaf I usually have. So once work was through, my usual routine of turning in within minutes of arriving home changed to being awake and chatty until after 1:30am. With a busy morning in store I decided to take a run after feeding the pups and did my usual Cove Rd route in 47 minutes. I was pleased with the increased time, came home and managed to climb into the bath before anyone awoke. The family eventually rose, had breakfast, then Mike and I went over to the grove for the end of year meeting at 9am. We had a good show of people compared to years past and easily made the quorum with 17 members. The meeting was good, and we had some volunteers for next years events so that will make next year very nice indeed. The meeting wrapped up a little before 10am and after chatting for a bit, the kids and got in the van and drove to RI for Kathy's surprise 50th birthday party.

Adam and Kristin

Edward and Alicia

The 12 lobsters were mostly shucked when we arrived and after some minor preparations we all sat down to the usual feast. Ed asked Adam if he had a scale because he wanted to see what the meat of 12 lobsters were and while it was out I climbed on, curious to see how much weight I've lost in the last 8.5 weeks. On July 1st I weighed 212lbs, today I weighed in at 178lbs. I've happily lost 34lbs, amazing and now weigh just over what I did when I got pregnant with Dan. We enjoyed dinner, then had an ice cream cake that Alicia and the kids made along with the coconut custard tarts that weren't a huge crowd pleaser, but that Kathy said were good.

Singing Happy Birthday to Kathy

This is Danny and Megan in the pool on the raft.

At 4:30 or so the kids and I said goodbye and headed home.
I was exhausted by the time we arrived and since Dan had fallen asleep in the van half way home, I scooped him up and he and I both layed down to take a nap.

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