Saturday, August 9, 2008

August 9, 2008 1st day of Dunkin

So, my first night at Dunkin was everything, if not more that I remember Dunkin to be. I walked in at 4:50, asked for the lovely D & D attire I was promised would be there, promptly dressed and looked just like a Casaba melon...who picks these colors anyway?!?! Khaki pants, and a yellow and orange shirt. The "kids" behind the counter probably didn't add up to my age combined and I was suddenly worried. Even more so when the boy I'd been talking to, said "Ok, good luck, I'm closing with you tomorrow." there were a 4 people in line at the counter and 3 cars at the drive thru....I said "Excuse me? Who's training me?" He said "she is" pointing to the girl with the headset waiting on drive through. I said "Who's going to wait on counter?" He said "you are." It was at that moment that I knew things were going to get ugly. I looked at him quite seriously and said, if you walk out that door, I'm going with you. Not to be mean, but this is no way to treat a new hire on their first night, 3rd night maybe, but not first. JJ is a sweet kid, but a horrible trainer. He takes for granted all that he knows and kind of whips it at you willy nilly. Just then enters Sean. Sean has many piercings, and a beautiful new blue mohawk. He was there to pick up JJ, and caught the tail end of our, if you leave so do I conversation. Sean agrees with me that this is wrong, and calls somebody higher up who doesn't answer. Sean decides that it's time to lock the front doors, I'm ok with that, just drive thru....that's a little better anyway. The back room is strewn with today's delivery, bagels have been out thawing for too long already, it's only 6pm, they won't be cooked until tomorrow. The place is trashed, garbage's going to be a long night. JJ and Sean stayed and helped for a bit. Uniqua waited on drive thru. The guys do a basic rundown on what needs to be done, and start training me on how to make Lattes, cappachinos, turbos, mochas, smoothies,coolatas etc. They show me how the sugar, cream/milk/skim milk machines work....yes...all machines. It's bizarre and I wonder if all this technology is really necessary. After all we managed to pull off quite a booming business with a spoon and a pump.

The guys leave, Uniqua works drive thru and announces we're closing at 10pm.'s it this 17 year old gets to make this decision. I'm thinking now that I really need to have some phone numbers for the higher ups. Closing at 10 means lots of cleaning very quickly and since she's busy with customers, yours truly got a quick lesson is closing the shop....alone. I washed, dried, disassembled, and assembled and filled about 40 machines. Stocking was a breeze, because really, it's just about looking in cabinets. This store is fairly small and it's easy to find what you need. I then set about to putting the delivery away. Having been a manager came in quite nicely here, and the kitchen was quickly emptied. I took out all the trash, and swept and mopped the entire store. At 10pm Uniqua turned off her headset, and said we're closed. The customers didn't know it, but she adamantly refused to even go to the window to tell them. Kids. At 10:37 I punched out, or rather wrote out, since their time clock doesn't work. I left sore, wet and frazzled, but happy that at least I was tired for a reason. I'm sort of looking forward to going back tonight. JJ is quite amusing and really I think I learned alot last night. We'll see!

Found this interesting bug flying around my butterfly bush. At first thought it was a bee of some sort, but Gerry identified it as a clear wing moth. He's really very beautiful.

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