Sunday, August 24, 2008

August 24, 2008 Woodturning

Saturday was an uneventful day. Took Em to work, then Dan and I came home and went to the beach. The weather was beautiful and Dan had a great time playing with his friends. Mike spent the day at the Brewster women's library turning tops for kids, and selling some things he's made. He was happy that a platter of his sold for $100. Dan and I picked up Em at work, and after making a quick dinner for Mike and the kids I went to work myself.
Sunday morning I awoke, poured myself some vegetable juice, and dressed for a run. I returned home to find Mike and Dan bleary eyed on the couch. Since the pups are 4 weeks old today I decided it was time for them to have their first meal. I brought up the kiddy pool from the side of the house, and prepared a meal of puppy food and evaporated milk. Dan helped me round up the puppies and they all quickly knew just what to do, although by the end they were all wet and dirty. Since it was a such a nice morning and they are all moving around so well, we decided a quick swim might be in order and I went down to the playground to get the wagon to transport all of them to the beach. They looked very cute in transit, and quickly made their way to the waters edge as soon as we got there. Marley had fun chasing the ball and after only a few minutes. Most of the pups snuggled down for a nap with full bellies.

Emily had her first driving lesson with an instructor and after only a few minutes he apologized to her for having to do 10 more hours. Seems lots of parents don't teach their kids to drive anymore, they wait for the instructors to do it, then complete their driving logs after the instruction. Em traveled to Hyannis then to Woods Hole in Falmouth before heading home. 2 hours down, 10 more to go. Dan and I spent the afternoon at the beach, and didn't come up until almost 4pm when Dan promptly fell asleep on the couch. Suzanne, Janni and I decided on shrimp, edamame, and grilled summer squash for dinner. Mike Leone came over with some pasta, and chicken breasts and we had leftover pepperocini rice, and lamb chops from last night. We all retired to the deck after dinner and one by one the puppies arrived (thanks to Emily) on the deck and eventually proceeded to nurse...probably one of the last times they'll all nurse together now that they've begun to wean. Trying to keep your eyes on 7 roaming puppies is alot of work!

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