Monday, August 11, 2008

August 11, 2008 Mom's 60th Birthday party

Saturday was fairly uneventful. I woke up a little after 7am, quickly drank my garden patch and took my vitamins then hustled Marley out the door for a run. While I was out I noticed a peculiar rattling sound while passing in front of the field next to Cape Cod Pediatrics on Rt 130 and wondered if it was a lyricen chorus. Gerry says we have them in Falmouth so it wouldn't be very surprising to find them in Forestdale. I made a note to check my sound files later and decided it was indeed lyricen that I was hearing. Made our way home in time to drive Emily to work. Mike, Dan and I then set out to turn in cans and bottles down at the local package store and then headed home for lunch and a nap. I had about an hour at the beach before it was time to take a shower and dress before picking up Em at work at 4pm and then heading to work myself at 5pm. I walked into a different store on Saturday night and was thrilled that what I found on Friday wasn't the norm. JJ was there along with the Asst. Manager who was on till 8pm and did all the sweeping and mopping, and another girl who was on till 6pm. Much, much better. The night went along pretty uneventfully, and in slow motion compared to the night before. JJ and I left at 12:20 or so, and I arrived home to find Mike still awake and ready to hear about might.

Sunday morning we all slept in since nobody had to be up this morning! I was the first up however and decided I'd go for a walk. My walk turned into a run at the normal running spot and I was thrilled that even with work I managed to squeeze in three days running again this week. Came home to clean out the puppy cage and Dan noticed that Abigail's eyes were open! The pups are two weeks today and are really starting to move around, even walking at times. Let the games begin! Tank is still the largest by far, and even though Abigail was the last one born and slow to start she's ahead of the others developmentally.

Mike, Em, Dan and I piled in the car at 1pm and headed for Adam and Kristin's house for Mom's 60th Birthday party. Em drove the entire way, including over the Bourne Bridge. She was very nervous but quickly got the hang of highway driving and on several occasions had to be reminded that the speed limit was only 65. Dan quickly joined Alyssa, Megan, Taylor and Julia in the pool as soon as we arrived. Em went town to check out the chickens, who are really pretty neat! Mom arrived and the party started. Lots of food, veggie platter and casserole, chips, hot dogs and hamburgers, nacho dip, and king crab legs (thanks Ed) At one point Adam brought out a bottle of tequila and some Dixie cups and asked who wanted to do shots. The picture above shows the participants including the birthday girl. The party ended with Zachary taking an impromptu dip in the pool after picking on his old aunt all day. Em drove us home, and we arrived just after 7pm to a house full of miniature barking. The puppies learn so quickly! Here is a youtube video of the pups!

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