Monday, July 14, 2008

July 14, 2008

Took Em to work this morning then Dan and I headed home for a swim. Spent the day cleaning the house, while Dan took an early nap. Then he and I went down to the tide pools to see what we could find. We found several mussels and lots of periwinkles, and even a sea cucumber which Danny called a sea pig, he liked making it squirt water. On the way back up to the car I said to him "come on baby" and he said "I'm not a baby" I said, "you'll always be my baby" and he said "Mom, someday I'm going to grow up and have my own family, then I won't be your baby anymore" As much as I wanted to argue with his logic, I failed to see a purpose. What a smart 4 and a half year old I have.

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