Friday, July 18, 2008

July 18, 2008

I'm going to Connecticut ! I spoke to Gerry today, he called needing my address for one of his data points and said I'd be welcome at testing if I wanted to come. I am so excited to spend a whole day doing something important and fun. It's a three hour drive from here, so I'll leave about 5:30am Sunday morning. First order of business is catching some annuals which I've failed to do here so far, so just that will be exciting. Derke is heading up the testing and he and I had a great repore for the testing here so it'll be fun working with him again as well as meeting some new people. Elias and his girlfriend Barbara are coming from NY, he's the guy I sent a dozen magicicada's to, and John Cooley who is head of entomology at UCONN. So that's my big news, and I can't wait for Sunday !
My neighbor Suzanne and I spent the morning in Hyannis shopping at Trade Joe's then to TJ Maxx and ended up trying on bathing suits. It was fun, she and I have quite a bit in common so it was nice. She's a nursing student with 2 classes left and also a vegetarian. Mike took Dan to Critter Capers and then to the glass studio to see if the owner needs any more glass blowing forms. After lunch, the boys took a nap and I headed to the beach and proceeded to nap there myself. Men's night at Leone's tonight so I'm off to shower.

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