Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

Wednesday afternoon and Marley and the puppies are doing great. They have all lost their umbilical cords and the pads on their paws and their noses are turning black instead of pink. They are very cute. Marley has settled into motherhood pretty well. Yesterday she wanted to play ball for a few minutes, and just now went out for a walk with Emily. She's reluctant to stay away from her babies for very long, but seems to be enjoying getting out once in a while.

Dan and I took Sampson for a walk around the neighborhood this morning.I spotted something dark on a tree by Pimlico Pond Rd and decided to take a closer look. It was what looked like a very dark Magicicada exuvia. I think it might be a cannicularis, I was very excited and will have to ask Gerry the next time I talk to him! Dan and I then spent some time at the beach and he played with his cousins Carl and Alex. Dan had fun pushing Alex off the raft, but didn't think it was so much fun when Alex started pushing him. Things escalated quickly and I knew lunch and a nap were in order.

I ordered the book "The songs of insects" which came in the mail today. The pictures are terrific, lots of information about different kinds of cicada's. Wish they'd shown exuvia for all of the different species, as it can be confusing trying to determine which cicada comes from which exuvia especially in reference to size. All in all, happy with the purchase. Also got one on the songs of frogs and toads since we are now housing, two Eastern american toads, one grey tree frog, and one albino african aquatic frog.

Took Marley for a walk tonight and she was happy to get away. She even joined us under the table at dinner time, which she hasn't done in the last couple of nights.

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