Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 15, 2008

Dan and I took Em to work this morning and then made a quick trip to Stop and Shop for a birthday present for Ruby who's birthday was Sunday. Dan decided on some playdough and I agreed, nice and messy....still getting them back for the racetrack they gave Dan when he was just two! We came home, did a little housework and were headed down to the beach just as Buzz and the girls were arriving. It's our first Tuesday without the girls, yet here they are. Dan was glad to have them to play with and Buzz and I had a chance to chat like adults for a while. It was a nice diversion. We'd planned on meeting them at the tide pools but Dan went down late for a nap and since low tide was at 4pm we missed it. I did take the opportunity to write an e-mail to Mike trying to explain to him all the things I've been battling with the last few weeks, including enjoying attention given to me by others. He suggested a date night on Thursday which I agreed to. Hopefully we'll have a good time and will have a chance to work on some of our issues.

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