Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 27, 2008 Puppies!!!

It's 2:37 and I've been up with Marley since about 1am when I woke to hear her nesting and panting. We came out to the living room and I sat and petted her for a while. Her babies are moving all around inside so I wonder if she's just restless with their movement rather then actually being in labor. Time will tell I suppose.

We stayed up until about 3:30 when she settled down and we both fell back to sleep.
Her temps up till now have been
Wednesday 7/23 - 99.4
Thursday 7/24 - 99.4
Friday 7/25 - 99.2
Saturday 7/26 - 99.0
Sunday 7/27 - 6am - 98.6
3pm - 98.5
Supposedly we're waiting for a low temperature followed by a high one to tell us whelping will be within 24 hours. She's resting comfortably now.

Dan, Em and I went to feed the animals at Green Briar at 10am, and found out that Mrs. Prickles the hedgehog had passed. Very sad. Em fed the rabbits, Dan cut up apples for Emma and I took care of the Leonardo, Nina and Sir Speedy (the turtles)

6pm - Marley had a prolonged shiver followed by a contraction and some leakage so game on! Nettie is on her way.
6:27 - girl
6:57 - boy
7:10 - boy
7:23 - girl
8:04 - girl
8:21 - boy
8:44 - girl - this last one was very blond and very listless. Nettie worked on reviving it for nearly 20 minutes before she perked up. Took a while for her to start but she hasn't been quiet since!

10:43 our house is quiet again except for little squeaks coming from the whelping box. Marley's a great Mama dog! Here are some pictures of the event, Enjoy!

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