Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 16, 2008

Wednesday and nothing at all to do today except enjoy the beautiful weather. After driving Em to work Dan and I arrived home to find a stiff north wind blowing. Perfect for sailing and he and I quickly gathered the sunfish sail, rudder, centerboard, and life jackets and headed down to the pond. We had a little trouble tacking out of the bouy lines but once clear it was smooth sailing and we had a blast. Made it all the way across the pond and just as we were turning around for what we thought was going to be a quick sail back to our beach the wind died. Instead of a speedy retreat we caught just enough wind to get us back before the air went totally still.
Lunch and a nap followed for Dan. I took to the phones and contacted Cape Cod community college for two reasons. One for Em's GED, the other to talk to an advisor about the nursing program. Em will probably be attending GED classes a couple of nights a week in the fall just to make sure she's ready for the test and to help her in any areas where she's having trouble. My advisor was as nice as could be and is sending a catalog and an admission form. I went to Framingham state colleges website and quickly located the area to request transcripts and did that as well. I finally feel like I'm taking the first steps and I'm thrilled.

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