Thursday, July 24, 2008

July 24, 2008

Dan slept in this morning so we had to wake him up to take Em to work. He fed the fish at Mahoney's in his footy PJ's. Dan and I went to get gas $4.15 a gallon and filled the tank at just under $80. Crazy! Then to the library to return some books, get some new ones, and stayed for Mr. Parson's Wild story time. He brought mud slugs, Dan liked the way they felt sliding on his hand. We had planned for Dan to ride his bike and I to run from the Recreational center at the canal down to the Boardwalk to meet Jen and the girls after the library but it was pouring rain and when we went by their house they were already home, so we decided to go to the canal and see if we could get a ride/run in regardless and logged 1.5 miles. We had a picnic lunch there then headed home for a nap.
Spent some time this afternoon on the hill visiting with Jess, John and the Riss family. Always a treat. Then home to make dinner and spend a quiet night at home watching Underdog.

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