Tuesday, July 22, 2008

July 22, 2008

Dan and I took Em to work this morning and then headed over to the Francis Crane WMA.
We arrived and heard nothing, not a good sign when Cicada hunting. There are loads of paths and last time Dan and I relied on familiar objects to find our way out. This time I decided to teach Dan a trick to help us, thinking if he's ever alone in the woods and gets lost all he has to do is follow the arrows to find his way out. So when we came to an intersection we made an arrow pointing in the direction we just came from. We made a point
of taking several different paths in all different directions for about a half hour, then turned around and followed our arrows out. Worked like a dream, especially since there was nobody there but us to accidentally step on or dismantle our signs.

Dan and I headed home from there, did a lengthy bug hunting excursion to feed the toads, one of which escaped today. We built a Lego spider, had lunch and Dan went down for a nap.

I decided I'd work on school stuff. Filled out my application, contacted both Middletown High School and Framingham State requesting official transcripts be sent to 4C's. I'm very excited to be taking this step. Next is to find a job that I can work Friday, Saturday and Sunday's since those are the days Mike is off and days I probably won't have school. I imagine in the next few weeks life is going to get very busy and I'm looking forward to it.

Marley is definitely pregnant, I was able to express some colostrum yesterday so if any doubt remained, it doesn't any longer. She's due in just over a week. She edgy, grumpy and seems for the most part very confused. It's not like you can explain to a dog she's pregnant!

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