Monday, July 28, 2008

July 28, 2008

Em and I spent the night alternately up with Marley and the puppies, for no reason at all really except that the puppies would cry and we both felt we needed to interfere with Marley's natural mothering insticts. This morning we all woke to find a comfortable Mom and 7 happy fat pups. Marley is doing very well, and is now free to come and go from the whelping box at her leisure, although she clearly prefers being with her babies. Isn't nature amazing?
Danny's smile upon seeing the puppies this morning was beyond priceless.

Em had an ortho appt for her retainer today, they gave her a single red rose to commemorate the completion of her treatments, then she drove Dan and I to work. We arrived home in time for lunch and a nap.

My transcripts arrived in the mail today and after a quick glance I realized why Framingham State College asked me to take a semester off. If I remember correctly I'd decided somewhere towards the end of my second semester that I wasn't doing school anymore so I think that some of the scores for that second semester reflected that sentiment. It wasn't so much that I failed, but gave up and just didn't do the work. Wished I'd have stuck it out till the end of the semester so I'd have had more credits to transfer. I think I might have 9 credits eligible for transfer.
Emily seems so much smarter then I was at her age, I wonder why that is.

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