Sunday, July 27, 2008

July 26, 2008

Woke up this morning to a bright crystal clear day and decided almost immediately to dress and take Marley out for a run. She seemed comfortable and I had no fear she'd start whelping in route. We did our 3.5 run up Pimlico Pond Rd, down Cove Rd, to Artisan Way, up to Rt 130 before cutting down the fire road just after Joe Jay Lane, to Sheldon which leads back to the fire road through the woods and out to West Rd. Marley did great, and I felt strong and dare I say almost fast, although I failed to time it. Arrived home before anybody was awake and enjoyed a few minutes of quiet.

Dan was the first up and asked what was for breakfast, he's never been much of a breakfast eater, but he's been very hungry lately, must be a growth spurt. Woke Em up at a little after 8am so she could get ready for work and drove her in. The guys were ready for a hike when I got home, and since Mike wanted to talk to Wayne Shepherd anyway we chose the West Barnstable Conservation Area and the Trail of tears. We pulled into the parking lot and I immediately noticed no sound whatsoever. We started our hike in, went about a mile and then turned back.
I really want Dan to like hiking so I leave the route and speed in his hands. My theory is that he won't always be this small and slow and if he loves doing it our pace and distance will pick up as he grows. Mike was a little more goal oriented but we managed to slow him down, enjoy the flora and fauna (of the latter there wasn't any) and let Dan run the show.

We visited with Wayne and Max (his wife) for a half hour or so, talking about the blueberry festival which is this weekend at Green Briar and at which Mike and a few other wood turners will be working.

Dan and I hit the beach for an afternoon of swimming, sunning and just hanging out with family and friends. An early night in the grove since we still don't have any power out there concluded our day.

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