Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 25, 2008 Village People

My day started with a short 1.75 mile run followed by my 1st 12 minute ab workout since I've started getting healthy. I took Emmy to work then headed home to hang laundry and and take a nice long bath since Mike took Dan to Critter capers at Green Briar. The guys got home in time for lunch and a nap.
Since Marley is so close to delivery I decided to lay down for a while too, Dan was restless and never napped. Mike fell asleep immediately and I rolled around for half an hour before I gave up and asked Dan if he wanted to go down to the beach for a half hour before picking Emily up. He said sure, and off we went. Jessie, Janni and Sue Riss were all on the beach so when it was time to go they offered to keep an eye on Dan while I picked up Emmy. We arrived home just in time to get changed and packed up for the fair.
One of Dan's new favorite songs is YMCA and the Village people (yes, the original) were playing there so Em, Sarah, Dan and I hopped in the car and headed over. We sat in traffic for 15 minute or so, but not bad considering! We wandered around for a bit, held chicks, pet sheep before making our way over to the stage. Lucky for us we got there when we did and were only about 15 feet away from the stage. Em, Sarah and Dan manned out sheet while I went to find some food. Dan wanted pizza and fried dough. Emmy wanted Lemonade and I decided on Tempura vegetables. With feast in hand I made my way back to the kids. We sat and ate, until my phone rang. Elias was calling to ask if I was planning on going to Annual cicada testing in Ct tomorrow. It's a 2.5 hour drive for both of us and after collaborating for a few minutes decided it was too long for only an hour or so of Cicada hunting. Sarah and Em disappeared into the throngs of people and left Dan and I to wait for the show to begin. Dan's very social and made friends with the kids around us immediately. I noticed another homeschooling Mom sitting nearby and said Hello. Someone behind us had a blow up ball, tossed it up in the air and we instantly had a volleyball party. The kids were screaming, grandparents were whacking at the ball in the air...everybody was having a great time. The music stopped, the lights started flashing and we knew the time had come. The village people were great. They started off with American Man, went to Macho Man then did some songs I didn't know. When they got to the song "In the Navy" we were asked to stand to applaud our military and we didn't sit again afterwards. The music was upbeat and happy, the village people were lots of fun, and after a lesson on the YMCA moves we were treated with the song as the finale. It was about an hour and fifteen minutes from start to finish, but well performed. We had a great time. Made our way back to the car and home just in time for the Annual Riss family fireworks which were unpredictable but great and then off to bed. It was a long, great day!

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