Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July 8, 2008

Things here have been great. Danny's attending a Nature Detective class at Green Briar on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week and already had a great time chasing butterflies, and dragonflies, finding turtle shells, snakes and muskrat poop.
Em's working and earning money. Probably the most notable event of this past week was finding out that as of this week I'll only have the girls every third Friday from 2:30 - 7:45. Advance Spine Centers closed Buzz's office so he's going back to Barnstable Family chiropractic and since he will have Tuesdays off they won't need me any more. I might have to pick up a part time job somewhere but it'll be fine.else'sI'm going to miss having the girls but after today I maybe not! (Just kidding) The day started off with Ruby being very under the weather and concluded when Seneca threw up all over the living room and Joey learned how to take off her diaper and peed on the floor. Dad was promptly called and Mom picked them up early.
The other exciting event of the last couple of days was attempting to smuggle a dozen Cicada down to my buddy Elias in NY. Long Island had their own emergence of Decim's but it was light and he didn't get his fill. I still have plenty and volunteered to send him some. The post office originally said shipping them wasn't a problem, then called yesterday afternoon to say they couldn't ship them over state lines. So down to the local pack and ship I go, after explaining to the guy what's going on, and that they'll be used for research purposes only he jumps on board to help me get these guys down there. I left the box at 5:04pm last night and Elias signed for them at 10:15 this morning. Talk about service. I'm happy to report that even after being cooped up in a box, over night on a plane, 6 cicada's arrived in NY alive, well and calling like mad! Very exciting!
It's been a week of no drinking, it's going better and was easier then I expected. I've also run over 15 miles in the last week and am eating only fresh fruits, vegetables and fish. I think that makes me a vegetarian. I feel terrific, my vestibular issues have all but vanished, and I'm already starting to see some weight loss and as a bonus I came out of the whole experience with a couple of really terrific new friends.

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